Webinars, Workshops, and Retreats

Our workshops, presentations, and retreats are meant to deliver opportunities to learn, interact with others, and to change your life. Frequent Webinars are presented free to allow persons to learn which choices to make and to inspire change in your life.

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Webinars, once a week on Mondays, 10am EST

Living On Purpose,
Participants will be able to:

1. Choose healthy relationships
2. Live a balanced lifestyle
3. Live a stress free life

More A.P.P. Events

Pauline Robert Women in Recovery Program

Pauline Robert Women in Recovery Program

APP provides a weekly peer support group for people with addictions or family members dealing with addictions.

249 Main Street, Second Floor, Room 273, Saint Paul University, Laframboise Building

Tuesdays at 3pm

The following will take place face to face:

Who Are You? Who Can You Be? Who Do You Want to Be?
The Family of Origin workshop
Transforming Reactive behaviours, and Self Awareness & Acceptance

APP has an on-going weekly women’s discussion group
(Women need to be assessed before participating in the groups)

The following to be completed virtually or face to face:

– Assessment and Wellness Plan
– Monthly Sessions with Jeannette

Pauline Robert Women in Recovery program  

A twelve step weekly meeting, Tuesdays at 3 pm, on-line, and live at Saint Paul University

Live a Fearless and Free Lifestyle
Assessment Wellness Plan
Individual Coaching
Satir Workshops
Tool Kit Workshops

Enriching your Relationships and Yourself  (on-line)
– Applying Your Personal Change Process

Change We Must

  1. Rebuilding Self Esteem
  2. Temperature Reading
  3. The Survival Stances
  4. The Five Freedoms
  5. The Parts Party

Upcoming groups and training

1. Safe and Effective Use of Self training (S.E.U.S.)
2. Peer Support Group

In our virtual work, both for groups and individuals we will make use of Zoom Video Webinars and the DoxyMe application.

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