Pauline Robert Women in Recovery Program

Pauline Robert Women in Recovery Program

APP provides a weekly peer support group for people with addictions or family members dealing with addictions. 249 Main Street, Second Floor, Room 273, Saint Paul University, Laframboise Building Tuesdays at 3pm

You are not a diagnosis

When seeing a client who has been diagnosed, the diagnosis is useful in determining how she has been viewed by other institutions and health care providers.  And it can tell as much about the people who has been structuring the view of a “client/patient”...

12 Ways Parents Can Protect Their Kids From Too Many Pills

A blog reprinting from Allen Frances, a member of the U.S. psychiatric establishment  (or he used to be until he began to question his own lifelong profession) on the overuse of the diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and the drugging of...